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The SommelierCellar Producer of the Month

Thelema, our producer of the month for April

Every month we choose a producer that we think deserves special recognition for the quality of its wine, and the aesthetics, history, character and ethics of its operation. This month we're pleased to recognise Thelema, a family run vineyard in beautiful settings producing some of South Africa's finest wine.

Thelema - The Cellar

From spreadsheets to vineyards

In 1983, a dilapidated fruit farm was purchased by the Webb family and converted into the Thelema wine estate - today seen as one of South Africa’s finest wine producers. Having previously been an accountant, Gyles Webb, the founder and cellar master of Thelema, is meticulous about the production process. No grapes are bought in and all of the bottling is done within the estate.

Thelema - The Vines

Stunning setting

Situated on the slopes of the Simonsberg Mountains above the town of Stellenbosch, the 157-hectare estate offers breathtaking mountain views, with elevations ranging from 370-640 metres above sea level.

Thelema - The Vineyard

Ethical commitment

The family-run vineyard has a strong commitment to ethical production and is a member of the Biodiversity in Wine Initiative. Thelema aims to limit the use of potentially harmful chemicals, and has four vineyard sections that are organically managed. It also uses non-violent deterrents to ward off animals that may damage vines. For instance, antelope keep their distance due to light reflected by hanging CDs.

Thelema - The Vines

Literary influences

The Vineyard’s name was inspired by the works of the 16th century Renaissance monk and scholar, Ribelais. In his Gargantua and Pantagruel, there was a utopian abbey and commune named Theleme that was based on values of egalitarianism and liberalism.

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