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J. Lohr, our producer of the month for February

Every month we choose a producer that we think deserves special recognition for the quality of its wine, and the aesthetics, history, character and ethics of its operation. This month we’re pleased to recognise J. Lohr, a Californian family-run winery that has been noted for both its wine and its sustainability program.

In 2010, J. Lohr was recognised for its commitment to sustainability by the California Sustainable Winegrowers Alliance after developing a broad program of sustainability and conservation. Sometimes it's not about advancing technology. J. Lohr re-introduced hand-weeding to decrease the use of herbicides.

J. Lohr

Family Values

J. Lohr may have many of the hallmarks of a modern and efficient corporation, but it still has the character that one would expect of a family run business. Jerry Lohr planted his first grapes in 1972, and takes pride in the fact that he now has three children involved in the running of the near-3000 acres of vineyards.

J. Lohr

Industry Leading Innovations

J. Lohr has been a pioneer in non-alcoholic wines since launching its ARIEL range in 1985. Far from being merely grape juice, non-alcoholic wine retains all the nuance and subtlety of flavour that the fermentation process draws out, with the alcohol only being removed during the final stages of processing.

J. Lohr - The vineyard
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